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Marriage Course Training Conference, October 2011

Mihai Caraivan interprets for David’s presentation on presenting The Marriage Course.

Couples at the training do the Guest Manual assignment during the course.

Mihai interprets for Doug’s message on marriage.

Valeriu gives a message at the conference.

Conference participants enjoy breakfast at the
College of Theology and Education in Chisenau.

Petru and Zina Colibasi listen to one of the speakers.

Two Moldovan guests enjoy a moment together at the conference.

Conference participants gather at the end of conference. The slide in the background reads “Marriage Course.”

Phyllis, David, and Doug with their Moldovan hostess and her family in Belts.

Doug preaches at Bethany Baptist Church in Belts.

The team enjoys a Sunday lunch with their Moldovan hosts at the luncheon at Bethany Baptist.

Phyllis, David, and Doug with Marina and Valeriu.